Service Rates


Counseling Services

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is customized to meet your needs and goals and is 50 minutes in length.



Group Therapy

We offer a variety of groups and are always adding to our offerings! The length and number of sessions of each particular group varies. The fee is per session.




Women's Groups

Yoga & Meditation

Our yoga and meditation groups are an opportunity to move through the healing process while connecting with your body. Our yoga teacher and led therapist trained in body sensitive yoga teacher and that restore and heal.


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Anxiety Reducing Mindfulness

Mindfulness offers us an opportunity to slow down, focus on being present, and reduces anxiety and stress. Learn techniques that you can utilize throughout your day to help you find delight in the simple moments.


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Parenting Support

Positive Parenting

Do you feel overwhelmed as a parent? We offer groups to support and assist you in parenting your child/ children? Groups are offered for parenting infants, toddlers, lower elementary, upper elementary, middle school, and high school children!


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Adoption Homestudy and Post Placement

This fee includes the $200 Application fee and post placement visit. Not included is the cost of any medical examinations and fingerprinting clearances.




Court Policies

Court Forms

If you require a treatment summary or any other documentation for court, we are happy to help. Each document is treated as a separate item.



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