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Pampas Grass

As a clinical psychologist, I help individuals seeking change in their lives. The motivation for change is different for everyone; sometimes it’s prompted by a depressed mood, a failed relationship or suffering grades, or sometimes you just know you need something different. 


My approach is to get to know you, your life and your history, and then suggest ways we can work together to achieve the change you desire. I work well with those dealing with depression and anxiety, and I have special interests in spirituality, health and wellness, trauma, and stress management. I believe in positive psychology, and I think that many problems can be addressed with a strong therapeutic relationship and a more balanced life.


Selecting someone to see for counseling can be a difficult and intimidating process, especially if this is your first time scheduling. Research says that a strong match is the best predictor of a successful counseling relationship. Finding someone you feel connected and comfortable with is essential to achieving your goals. I am happy to schedule a free phone consultation so that you can assess our fit.

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