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Everyday stress is known to us all - even our kids feel it. So when we feel overwhelmed, unfocused, or not quite, "on our game," it adds an internal stress and affects how we perform. Simple things like sleep, digestion, organizing our day, and getting ahead in our jobs/school may start to compromise.


Why are we constantly in a hurry? Will we continue to feel this overwhelmed? Can it feel easier to keep our daily activities satisfying and productive? How can I help my child manage stress?


The "functional reserve" we rely on to do all these things effectively requires good brain function. This is the well-researched science of self-regulation, achieved through biofeedback. Attention, behaviors, thoughts, emotions… how we move, feel, notice change happening - everything we experience is regulated by our central nervous system, and I can help you learn how to enhance it.


As an occupational therapist I can help you develop, recover or maintain meaningful life activity.


The tools we explore help to strengthen the flexibility and adaptability of your nervous system to respond at your best performance levels all day, every day. Let’s do this together.

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