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Recommended Reading

From authors near and dear to the Wellbeing family.

Freddy the Furious Book - Wellbeing Resources.png


Freddy the Furious is a children’s book aimed at helping parents, teachers, and educators develop the tools they need in order to assist children in learning emotional regulation and self control. When Freddy wasn’t exactly, perfectly, outstanding every time, he became Freddy the Furious. Learn what Freddy does to cope with that furious monster that comes out when life doesn’t go his way.

Just Like the Ocean Book - Wellbeing Resources.jpg


By Emily Foster Williams

Just Like the Ocean is a yoga journey for parent and baby gives new parents a valuable tool to help them and their baby form a deep and lasting bond. The book includes yoga poses to help ease back pain related to bending over a nursing baby, poses to strengthen the pelvic floor, exercises to mend diastasis and poses to bring mindfulness and relaxation. Each pose is accompanied by simple illustrations and instruction for those new to yoga. Perfect as a gift for a new mom or dad, Just Like the Ocean allows parent and baby to bond while building physical strength and balance, engaging with baby to share the emotional and physical benefits of yoga.

Sully The Raccoon - Wellbeing Resources.png


Sully the Raccoon is based on the real-life adventures of author Arielle Hobbs’ son, Sullivan (Sully). Told from the perspective of Sully’s big brother, the first book in the series shares the family’s humorous tale of embracing Sully’s intellectual disability after he began wearing a raccoon costume.

Santosha Book - Wellbeing Resources.png


By Lauren Dianne Eastman

It is bedtime and Blake is safe in his room but something just doesn't feel right. He clutches his stuffed monkey wondering why he is so anxious. Just then, Santosha appears, telling him "I am here to teach you how to find a special way to open your heart and calm your busy mind." Santosha is a journey to calm and contentment.

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